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Broadview Mobile Phone Lens

Experience the world through this wide-angle lens for mobile phones of all makes. The unit simply spring attaches to the phone. Capture clearer details of landscapes, plants, and insects using just your phone in conjunction with this unit
  • Expand your phone's field of view with the wide-angle dual lens. Ideal for taking pictures of landscapes, buildings, people in group photos, taking snapshots of travel, vast landscapes, close-up details, and unique selfies.
  • Capture small details of especially plants and insects through the 3-6cmm focused control
  • Hard-wearing aluminum alloy construction makes this tool suitable for outdoor travel or street shooting live groups of people. 
  • Effective waterproof and oil proof, ready to adapt to all kinds of weather. Ideal for both amateurs and photography professionals. Turn your phone into a digital SLR camera and enjoy an amazing photo outing.
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